Paid Traffic Strategies #7 – Facebook Advertising

Point #38  

Facebook Advertising

There are over a billion people on Facebook (according to FB) with widely varied demographics.  It all starts with a Facebook Page (also known as Fan Page.)

Facebook advertising is relatively easy to do, and there are many tutorials to help you. We suggest you start at the source with Facebook’s instructions – Advertise on Facebook.

Plan ahead – think about what you are going to post on your Facebook page – don’t wing it.  Make sure your updates are relevant; ask questions and help people find posts by making them highly visible.

Posting Tips:
•   Keep your most important posts stay at the top of your Page for 7 days
•    Highlight important stories by making them larger and more visible
•    Hide posts that may no longer be relevant or just aren’t as engaging

A good tip is to use Facebook advertising to build fans for your page. Of course, you can solicit fans through existing client email addresses, but using FB advertising brings new friends into your following.

Remember that people who follow you on any social media platform should be treated to a little extra sauce.  By that I mean you should provide exclusive deals, insider tips, and specials to your friends on social media that the general public cannot access.

Action Step

Learn more about Facebook advertising here:

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