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Enticing Visitors to Opt-in to Your List

Image by alexmillos
Image by alexmillos

Your auto-responder is set up. Your list is ready to go – but . . . it is empty! Obviously, your goal is to fill it – but not with just anybody. You want it to be filled with large numbers of responsive, interested people – followers and potential buyers for your particular niche. How do you entice people to opt-in to your list?

What do you do now?

Don’t worry – the people are out there and they are actively searching for help on Google. They want and need solutions to their problems, which you can potentially fix. Unfortunately, when they actually land on your site, they have no idea who you are and how you can help them.

As an Internet marketer, it is critical for you to understand the psyche of these people who are searching. You must look at the search from their perspective. There is almost always an initial hesitation when they see a request for their name and email address, which will give the marketer the right to invade their privacy (or personal online space).

You may not see that as a big deal – and possibly the volume of emails you receive each day, including all the spam, may not bother you. But, the average person can get upset if s/he gets 10 emails a day; and spam email drives these people crazy.

If you are a newbie in the online world and not well-known in your niche, an invitation that reads, “Sign-up for Weekly Updates” will not be particularly enticing. You have not yet proven yourself.

In order to get people to opt-in to your list it is absolutely imperative that you have something to offer them (an attractive freebie) the first time they land on your page. If the freebie is interesting enough (or will potentially solve a problem), the desire for the freebie will be stronger than their hesitation to give you their name and email – they will fill out the form.

Remember, when you send them your “Welcome” email, the freebie must be something of value that they are happy to receive. Never forget – first impressions are significant. The goal is to have that first communication open the door to a long and mutually gratifying relationship.

The initial contact can a make or break communication. It is the first experience the subscriber will have with you and s/he will evaluate his/her decision to subscribe to your list. If your offer is worthwhile, they will breathe a sigh of relief and very likely continue to accept your emails.

If it is worthless, a piece of junk, or something they can easily find elsewhere on the Internet, you know what happens next . . . . they will be unhappy with their decision to trust you and immediately unsubscribe. They may even go as far as expressing their less-than-favorable impression of you and your products whenever your name is mentioned online.

The lesson in all of this is to take the necessary time to create a great freebie – something you will be proud to offer. Absolutely DO NOT RUSH this development process.  Your reputation is on the line.

Dig deep into your skills, talents, and expertise – brainstorm ideas that will be unique and set you apart from the masses. What skill, technique, information, or service can you offer that will solve a problem? There is no right or perfect way to do this. The only thing I can say for sure is that you must begin the process! horny college coeds ride.

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