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Enjoy the Process – Finding Freedom Series, Strategies #33-36

Enjoy Building Your Online Business

Enjoy building an online busines - remember it takes time
Enjoy the Process

Enjoy building your online business – embrace the adventure.

It takes time, an abundance of patience and an exceptional amount of hard work. It is important to remember why you started the business in the first place. It is likely that among those reasons were the desire to be more in control of your life and to have the freedom that was never possible working for someone else. 

Freedom doesn’t come by chance. You have to make sure that your plans and scheduling include it. The strategies I have shared with you in this series will help. Now it is up to you to make it happen.

Strategy #33

Be Smart about Participation in Networking Groups / Forums:

Networking and getting to know people who market online and who have already reached your target market can be an important factor in your ability to enjoy building your online business. These platforms are useful for sharing ideas, stimulating your creative thinking, and finding potential project partners, but they should never take up a large chunk of your day. Don’t use participation in the forums as a way to avoid doing what you need to be doing to build the business.

You may have already noticed as you move from group to group that you see the same people, and it is easy to get involved in the same time-wasting conversations. So, be cautious. Connecting with people can help diffuse the feeling of isolation that comes from working at home; but, set limits on the amount of time you spend in this activity and stick to the limits. You have a lot of important work to do and a life to live.

Strategy #34

Be Patient – Building Takes Time:

Be patient with yourself and your results. Building an online business takes time. Do not run yourself ragged trying to hit the big payoff immediately. That kind of action is not likely to produce the results you want. It may only result in total exhaustion and burnout that can lead to discouragement and giving up. Online success does not happen quickly, no matter what the “snake oil salesmen” tell you.

For example, give your SEO campaigns time to take effect.  Jumping from strategy to strategy and changing things over and over will make it impossible for you to tell what is producing the results you want. Be persistent, but patient on your press release campaigns. Take time to grow your affiliate force and steadily motivate them into action. Everything you implement will take time to produce results. Avoid jumping from action to action without giving anything time to mature and produce results. Patience is fundamental to success.

Strategy #35

Allow Yourself to Relax and Enjoy the Process:

It is easy to develop complicated routines and continue to do them long after they have stopped being productive just because that’s the way you have always done it.

For example, if you publish a formal E-zine with multiple formal sections and you force yourself to send out emails on a certain day…no exceptions. Lighten up a little. There is no need to be so formal.

Keep things simple, wow your readers and they will be happy to hear from you. I am not suggesting that you go weeks or a month without emailing, but if you email one week on a Tuesday and the next on a Wednesday, it is not the end of the world. E-mail when you have something of value to share. Quality that is reasonably consistent is far more important than quantity – especially if you are sending loads of valueless fluff. The same advice holds true for posting on your blog.

Strategy #36

Think Abundantly and Associate with Abundant Thinkers:

A primary factor that can make success difficult is working from a scarcity mentality. Generously give your time, your energy, your heart and your money to your business. You will immediately be able to enjoy building your online business more than you thought possible.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your business and to expect big results. Always think abundantly about what you are doing – you can succeed if you believe you can.

Surround yourself with abundant thinkers, as well. You do not need naysayers in your corner. Associating with those who live with a scarcity mindset can be very draining and will you hold you back. If you have friends and family who fit in this category – simply refuse to discuss your business with them. Find other people who can share your excitement and rely on them as your support group.

What Now?

We all know that “Nothing changes until something changes.”  Only you can determine what changes need to be made. If your online business has been eating up far too much of your time, now is the time to take action – and change – find your freedom, and enjoy building your online business.

Hopefully you’ve taken notes and determined which strategies you want to apply first. Brainstorm, develop the steps you want to take, mark your calendar or day planner, and commit to making them happen.

Life is too short to spend it slaving in front of a computer all day and night, seven days a week to the exclusion of free time and pleasurable company of friends and family.

Find your freedom now! 

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