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How Efficiency Can Lower Stress Levels

Do More in Less Time to Lower Stress

Efficiency can lower stress. When you are organized and efficient in your work habits, you get more done and your output is higher quality, which keeps your boss happy and your job secure.

Working efficiently means that you use time well and accomplish a great deal in minimal time. You always look for better ways to accomplish routine tasks – or ways to eliminate unnecessary actions that are eating up time that can be spent in better ways.

Being efficient does not mean that you must do everything yourself. It includes knowing when to say NO, when to ask others for help, and when to delegate.

Efficiency Reduces Pressure

The best part about being efficient in your job is that it reduces the constant pressure of worrying about getting everything done in a timely manner. When the pressure lessens, so does stress, and you will be happier at work.

When Efficiency Backfires

Be efficient - lower stress Rather than being pleased that you are doing so well, your boss may see it as an opportunity to increase your work load. Unfortunately, this can add to your stress levels if s/he doesn’t support you in finding ways to handle the extra work.

For instance, if s/he discourages you from delegating, or doesn’t give you the tools you need, your stress can increase significantly.

The first step in solving such an issue is to talk to your manager and find a reasonable solution. If s/he is not willing to make adjustments to help you, it may be time to look for another job.

The silver lining in in this situation is that your increased skills in working more efficiently will help you land a new (and better) job quicker.

Efficiency Gives You Control

When you understand and implement habits that make you more efficient in your job, you have greater control of your workload. Most people find they free up more time than they expected due to economies of scale.

Relax to Lower Stress When you can free up time in your workday, you have breathing room. The workload doesn’t seem as great, and you won’t be constantly worried about deadlines and getting everything done.

When you demonstrate efficiency day-after-day, new opportunities will open to you – not only in your current job, but in other areas of life, as well. You will become known as the person who gets things done – and your skills will always be in demand.

When you know you can get the job done well in the least amount of time, any job is going to be easier to handle. High stress levels will be a thing of the past.

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