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Drive Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

Today we are going to look at another best practice to drive traffic to your squeeze page, and one that is focused on pulling traffic to your blog.

Article Marketing – Sending Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

Article marketing is done primarily for backlinks. Quality articles tend to rank fairly high when they are crafted strategically for search engine optimization. If the articles are created properly, the site will be viewed as an authority content site.

When you conduct article marketing campaigns, don’t just link to an affiliate product, or even your own sales page – link to your squeeze page. Alert readers that they can get even more information by following the link to receive a free gift. Whenever you write an article, consider it a teaser for your freebie.

Provide enough valuable information to showcase your expertise; but, leave out important points as an enticement to download your free gift in order to get all the details.

The free gift will cost nothing and, you will have their name and email address, which will allow you to contact them in the future.

A good place to start posting your articles is on a site like EZA.

Pulling Traffic to Your Blog

This is a little different than driving traffic to a squeeze page.

Visitors to a blog page have several options:

  • Click on an AdSense ad
  • Click on a banner ad for a spot you have sold directly
  • Read the blog and click on a text link in your blog post
  • Read the blog and leave
  • Fill out the opt-in box (which you hope they will do)

The primary goal is bigger than the first four. You like those; but, you want more. You are not looking for visitors who check in for one day only. You want them to choose #5 so that you capture their name and email address.

An “opt-in” gives you permission to contact and communicate with them for weeks and months and years to come. It gives you the opportunity to offer products and services which they will buy again and again. This is much better than receiving a small benefit from a one-time quick action like clicking on an AdSense ad.

Now, we are going to switch gears and look at a traffic-pulling strategy. Instead of sending them to your squeeze page, you will be pulling traffic to your blog.

Frequent and Regular Blogging

Google loves a blog that is updated frequently. If you are passionate about your niche (as I am) this is an easy one. Unfortunately, if you choose a niche because someone told you it could be profitable, you may quickly begin to struggle trying to find topics for your blog posts. So, bottom line . . . choose a niche that keeps you fired up.

Once you find that passion and begin to write freely, always think about your readers! Which topics will serve them best? Don’t worry unnecessarily about utilizing keywords to the max. If you can squeeze in keywords naturally here and there, do so, and beyond that . . . don’t fret.

Blogging enables you to capture an audience of people who land on your blog from a search engine (or a feed or recommendation from somewhere else).

Make sure your opt-in form is very visible once they land on your site. It should be at the very top of your blog – known as “above the fold.” In other words, they don’t have to scroll to find it.

It should also stand out on the page. If your primary theme color is dark blue with a small hint of yellow, you may want make the border of your opt-in form yellow, so that it jumps out at every visitor.

Some people choose to use animated icons to draw attention to their opt-in form, like a waving hand or something fun that draws their eyes to the form.

For example, an animated arrow can be very effective.

animated arrow27

Want to know how to do this? That’s easy. Insert a Text Widget immediately above your opt in box area. Then use the HTML code to show the picture. Here’s the code you’ll use:

<IMG SRC=”http://www.yourpictureURL.jpg” ALT=”keyword”>


Look at this animated opt-in area:

Animated Opt-in Box

As the series of images shows, first the graphic waves back and forth to get their attention. Then it points down to the opt-in area. And last it gives the visitor a big thumbs up.

Simple, but it is effective in helping to get opt-ins from an otherwise busy area with many action options.

It is not complicated. Experiment. Spit-test. Use your creativity and start pulling more and more traffic to your blog. horny college coeds ride.

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