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Drive Traffic to Your Opt-in Form

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Opt-in Form

drive traffic to your opt-in form
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Step Three 

Use Twitter to drive traffic to your opt-in form. ! It is one social marketing site that helps you build a list quickly. It is free and doesn’t require much of an investment in time. Test different headlines to find out which ones work the best in getting people to click through and sign up.

With the recent Google algorithm changes people were worried about whether or not the directories would be able to compete. But, they simply adjusted their business model, cleaned up what Google disliked, and they are back on the road to recovery – so do not discount article marketing – it still works.

Forum sig (signature) files are an effective way to get people to sign up for your list. Be specific! Use a clear call to action. There is a better chance that people will sign up for a sig file that says,

“Download my FREE report that shows exactly how I increased my Amazon earnings by 800% in just 4 weeks!”

. . .than if it reads:
“Download my FREE report that shares a money making tip with you.”

People get excited and want to take action when you are specific. But, the only way you can find out what works is to test – test – test.

If you are interested in paid options, one you should try is Solo ads. They are effective. Solo advertisements: renting someone else’s list temporarily. They range from low cost or very expensive. The bigger the list, and the more responsive it is, the more it will cost you.

Be careful and don’t throw away your money. Be sure to check out the list first and see whether, or not, it suits your needs.

Google Plus is another social networking site you can use to drive traffic to your email subscriber form. Post as much or as little as you want, and include videos and text. You should also consider hosting a “hangout” where you can personally interact with your core audience online and allow them to ask you questions. This helps you build a reputation as a leader in your niche, and makes people want to follow your links. Be sure to expose your squeeze page to this audience.

Web 2.0 sites are still working for many niches. Of course, sites like Squidoo and Hub Pages have clamped down on spammy marketers, so you have to be very careful and don’t be overly promotional.

Facebook can work for you on both a free and paid basis. You can use a personal profile, a fan page or group page to promote your opt in pages and offers. After you have posted a message, decide if you want to “boost your post” (pay to have the post seen by more people in your target audience). Your results are easy to track with their system that shows you the interaction your paid ad generated.

Blog comments on other blogs work well, but only if you’re a regular participant, and not just spamming your own links. Always be mindful that you are in someone else’s house, not on your own domain.

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