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Describing the Benefits Up Front

This post is a continuation of the structure and components of a landing page. We will start with a critical one – describing the benefits you are offering.

Describing the Benefits

In order for a visitor to take action once he arrives on your landing page, he must quickly be able to figure out the WIIFM (What’s In It for Me) – in other words the benefits. Every visitor wants to know what they will get by filling out a form, by clicking through to another page, or if they buy your product or service.

The only way you will keep their attention is to show them the benefits and the value up front – at or near the top of the page. Below is an example of page on which the author uses a short checklist to outline the benefits of signing up for the email list.

Online Assistant - Describing the Benefits

It is important to note there is a difference between features and benefits. Features are things like the red pointer on a presenter’s remote control and the benefit may be that the presenter will be able to draw the audience’s attention to specific information on the slide.

To create an effective landing page, make a list of the benefits (to the customer) of the product, service, or information you are offering – before you begin designing your landing page. How will it solve a problem, or make your visitor’s life easier?

Be very clear what the benefits are and use them well to add extra power to your landing page.

Proof/Social Proof

When crafting a short copy landing page there is not much room for testimonials, facts, charts, and supporting data; but, you can share endorsements and social proof logos. For example, “as seen on Dr Oz” would be a great endorsement for a health and nutrition expert.

Or, on the screen shot below (as well as the one above), you can see recognizable and notable websites that provide instant visual social proof, which add credibility and authority to the benefits listed.

With longer copy landing pages, you can add two or three short testimonials for additional social proof.


Another MUST HAVE for your landing page is a call-to-action. There should be no doubt about what you want your visitor to do – and it should be one thing, and one thing only! Typically, the call-to-action will be to fill out a form or click on a button (and then fill out a form or make a purchase).

The call-to-action is just as important as your headline; so, you want to take time to make it effective.  It must not only be clearly visible and grab the visitor’s attention, it must also appeal to and motivate them to take action. .

Below is a list of examples that you can adapt and make your own:

  • “Claim your free subscription.”
  • “Download now”
  • “Click here to start your free trial.”
  • “Immediate Download”
  •  “Do it today”
  • “Don’t waste another minute, get yours now.”
  • “Download your free report.”
  • “Sign up for your introductory ______”
  •  Click here to find out all the details.

Creating a compelling and eye catching call to action command and button is simple when using Instabuilder. There are a variety of buttons, which makes it easy to choose the one that fits your brand. You can also test buttons for audience response, rather than simply guessing and staying with it forever.

The appearance of your landing pages is critical. Because they are often visually heavy, what they look like is as important as what they say. You must be able to use images and formatting effectively. This is where Instabuilder can be your best friend – it makes this potentially complicated process quick and easy.

This screenshot shows how simple it is to customize Instabuilder.

After clicking on a template, I wanted to change the way the header text looked. All I had to do was click the area I wanted to change; click the “Add Text” button; and type in my new text. With three clicks I was able to add “I Typed This!!!” to the header. I clicked “Apply” and it became part of my new landing page. It is really that easy. Are you getting excited about the possibilities?

In addition to providing tools to change the text, there are a dozen or more different editing tools that let you change how the graphic looks. If I can do it, so can you!

That little example was just a taste of what is to come. In the next two postings we will be looking at how to leverage images and formatting.  Please join us! horny college coeds ride.

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