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Your Personal Creativity Playlist

Kick-start Those Creative Juices with Music

Image by Misha
Image by Misha

When you are feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, getting your creative juices flowing will help calm you down and relieve the angst. But, you ask, how can I do that when I am not feeling the least bit creative? My suggestion is to use your creativity playlist to get you going!

A creativity playlist? If you do not have one, start building one. What do you do to forget the world and all your troubles – to relax you  mind and body – to feel better? Everyone’s list will be different, so figure out what works for you. There are many different things you can do – take a walk, lift weights, read a book, dance, watch a movie, talk to a friend, just to name a few – but today I want to focus on one of Albert Einstein’s favorites – listen to music.

Albert Einstein did not listen to just any music – he was very selective. He listened to Mozart, and for a very good reason. He knew, what has recently been confirmed. Scientists at Stanford University, in California, have revealed a molecular basis for The Mozart Effect, which is described in a book by Don Campbell. In the book, he condensed the world’s research on all the beneficial effects of certain types of music, which (among many other things) calms hyperactive children and adults, and improves creativity and clarity.

That does not mean that you have to listen to Mozart to get your creative juices flowing. If you were to talk to a group of creative people who use music for creative stimulation and asked them what kind of music they prefer, no two of them will give the same answer. Different types of music have different effects on different people. You do not have to cultivate a love for classical music to benefit, but I encourage you to find a style of music that works for you.

Music can also affect your mood. Think about it. When you want to relax, do you listen to the same type of music you would chose to work out? I doubt it. Your workout music is probably upbeat and fast-paced not slow and soothing. And…vice versa – it is unlikely that you would try to workout to your playlist of relaxing music.

The principle is the same when it comes to turning on those creative juices. Mozart is a proven choice, but you should look for music that inspires and motivates you.

When you discover music that takes you to your creative space, stay with it. Listen to it over and over whenever you need to be in a creative frame of mind. That specific music will eventually become a trigger. Your brain will recognize it as time to turn on the creativity.

Start experimenting with different types of music to find the ones that stimulate your creative juices  and innovative thinking. When you find the music that inspires you, keep listening to it whenever you want to activate your creativity. horny college coeds ride.

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