Clicker Training for Dogs

Overview of Clicker Training for Dogs

Clicker Training for Dogs - CoverIf you have been trying to decide on the best obedience training for your dog , this is the place to start! 

The book is not meant to be a complete training manual; but, it will give you enough information to decide if clicker training is a good choice for your pet and some basic steps to get started.

Highlights of the book:

– What Is Clicker Training
– Small Steps Lead to Big Results
– Guidelines for Training
– Prepare Yourself
– Common Misconceptions and FAQs

When pets are well behaved they are a pleasure to have around and harmony reigns in the home. When bad behavior is the norm, it is miserable for everyone – the owners, their family and friends, and for the animal. Pets should be trained for the sake of everyone involved.

Because clicker training is humane, effective, and easy enough for a 10-year-old to lead, it is an excellent choice, and very possibly the best choice.

Get your copy today!


(Written under the pen name of Amy Ellsworth)


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