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Is Your Content Being Plagiarized

Are People Stealing Your Work?

Is your content being plagiarized? Are other people stealing from you and benefiting from your hard work?  These are questions every content writer should be asking – and diligently monitoring.

Is Your Content Being Plagiarized

This issue has recently come to my attention and I wanted to share my concern with all of you.

Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone’s work and presenting it as your own. Unfortunately, it happens online – all the time. The Web is so huge that many writers are unaware that it is happening to them.

If you are an active writer of content that is published on the Web, there is a high probability that people have (or will) copy your content and post it as their own – on websites, blog posts, in newsletters, etc.

Sometimes they will spin it or modify it slightly, but often they post it exactly as you have written it. They believe they will never be caught.

They are guilty of content thievery – and should be caught. But . . . is that possible?

The answer is yes! There are tools that can prevent your work from being stolen and also, have it removed when it is found on an unauthorized website.

Kissmetrics Blog has a detailed article titled: How to Keep Thieves from Stealing Your Content* that includes the following:

  1. Detecting if Your Content Has Been Plagiarized
  2. What to Do if Your Work is Stolen
  3. How to File a DMCA Complaint with Google
  4. How to Safeguard Your Content from Theft*

This is a must read for every writer!  It provides information on how to protect your work.

Never hesitate to hold content thieves accountable!

When you find your materials have been plagiarized, you have two choices. You can approach them directly and request they remove your content; or, you can file a DMCA Complain with Google as describe in the article above.

It is your choice, but do something. Plagiarism is illegal and unethical.

As writers, we must band together and fight those who willingly steal the work of others and publish it as their own.

Other articles to read:

If you have had experience with your content being plagiarized, or have any expertise on how to deal with the problem, I would love to know about it.

Please post your comments to share with all my followers – or contact me directly at 


*Note – the article suggests a visit to, which is no longer supported in web search. For the super techies you will be referred to “rich snippets,” which didn’t help me much, but it may be useful for those who speak super-tech language. horny college coeds ride.

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