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6 Ways to Connect with Your Mobile Market

It is critical  to connect with your mobile market. The number of mobile users is growing by big numbers every day. We discussed in the last post that statistics show the primary mobile-savvy group are people ages 18-35 with ages 35-50 a close second.

If you have done your homework and have identified your target market as one (or both) of those groups – especially the first group, below are six ways to connect that you will want to consider.

Image by William Hook

1.  Optimize your website and blog for mobile.  Do not assume theyare optimized. In fact, I receive many messages each day that are NOT optimized for my mobile phone and simply delete them because they are too difficult to read.

There are blog themes that are designed for mobile optimization. Or – you can use a WordPress plug-in such as WPTouch so that your site will display properly. If you are using WordPress, go to your plug-in dashboard and search with “Add New.”

You can also use AvidMobile is a service that can quickly customize an app for your company site to display properly on Mobiles. They offer a free, detailed demo so you can see exactly how it works.

QR Code NancyNWilson.com2.  Use QR codes in your advertising and on all marketing materials – your business cards, stationery . . . and every surface possible, both locally and online.

If you are unfamiliar with QR codes – educate yourself. Simply put it is a bar code that links directly to your Website (or wherever you choose) when scanned with a phone camera. To generate your own QR code FREE, go to

Read this article for more information: 20 QR Code Tools and Uses.

3.  Find out and post at peak usage times for your mobile market.

There are peak usage times for mobile users, just as there are for all social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Typically people connect and check their favorite sites at the same time almost every day. Of course, there are the random connectors, but connecting patterns are more the norm. According to Practical eCommerce some of the more common peak connecting periods are: Thursday through Monday 5 a.m. plus, 9 a.m., late afternoon, and late evening.

Studies have shown that people will “click” or respond to live messages much more readily than if they are forced to retrieve messages.

4.  Use coupons to engage subscribers – online, offline, through social media and on mobiles. The challenge with mobiles is that everyone does not have an app that will allow them to pay via mobile and there is some fear around security issues with mobile phones. However, with new products showing up everyday, including more and more apps being released for a wide variety of phones and with fears diminishing, don’t give up on this before you start. Until all those kinks are worked out, get their attention on their mobiles by offering coupons – and send them to your Website to buy.  Check out LimeCellular and MixMobi (they offer a 14-day trial period)

5.  Learn to use mobile Virtual Business Cards – This is a great option for people on the go and an excellent choice for connecting with your mobile market. V-Cards are environmentally friendly and you never run out. Learn more about them through AvidMobile (They offer daily Webinars to show you how to use them.)

6.  Discover the photo “blitz” technique.  This is a great way to engage your mobile-savvy subscribers. Just for fun – have them snap photos of where they are right now – at this moment – and post it on your Facebook Page. You can also ask them to post photos related to your niche (if they are following you, they probably share your interest and passion about the niche). For example: “Post a photo of your pet with his favorite toy,” if you sell pet toys on line.

DO NOT FORGET to comment on their postings!  ENGAGEMENT!

Be sure to create a sense of urgency – “You must click on the link NOW”  (or “Respond to your message NOW!”) Have a very clear “Call to Action” with incentives.

The most important thing is to MAKE IT FUN. The more fun it is, the more likely they will engage.

Want all of the information? Begin at the beginning: Building an Online Business.

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