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Change of Scenery Inspires Creativity

Refill Your Creative Well5793044763_575f10aeb3

Even the most creative people (for example, authors/songwriters/musicians) hit rough patches occasionally. Their creative wells seem to dry up and need replenishing. A fun and effective way to replenish is to stop pushing, go out, and do something completely different, visit someplace new and exciting, or spend time in a beautiful place.

Go to a concert or theater production. These two options are not only fun and entertaining, they ooze the essence of creativity. A live concert or theater production is all about engaging the audience, which produces powerful energy that is transmitted to the performers.

LIVE performances are definitely best because you never know what will happen. Absorb everything – the environment, the performers, and the audience. Let your creativity build off the creativity of what you just saw and heard. Sometimes enjoying another art form is all it takes to trigger your own creativity. So, treat yourself – make a date for the newest musical in town or a concert of your favorite band.

Visit a museum or art gallery. I know this may not appeal to everyone, but for some, it is a perfect choice. But even if your immediate reaction is to dismiss this idea, you may want to try it at least once. Interesting things can happen and you may find that you actually enjoy it. But …more to the point of this posting is that you cannot get much more creative than sculptures and paintings. Go with an open mind, be willing to move slowly and study the pieces. Let your creative mind take over. Think about what the artist was trying to say – why did s/he use the colors or materials, etc. to create the piece in its exact form?

Hang out in a cemetery. (This is a good one, right?) I know this may seem like an odd place to choose for stimulating your creativity; but, it is actually a great place to work those creative thinking muscles.

Go to a nearby cemetery with pad and pencil in hand. Change your perspective for this adventure. Rather than thinking of it as a sad or morbid place, look at the graves and celebrate their lives. Read the names, dates, and messages; then, write their life stories as you imagine them. Add details and color to the basic information that you find. Where were they born, who did they marry, how did they meet their spouse, what did they do for a living, how many kids did they have, did they have pets, what did they like to do for fun? Be as creative as you want – even outlandish. The idea is to let your imagination run wild and to enjoy the creative results as you do so.

Get back to nature. This is a great choice for many people. They find that a quiet walk in the park, along a wooded trail, or on the beach is just what they need to refill the well. Simply getting away from the computer/telephone/TV, breathing the fresh air and soaking in the quiet can be very relaxing and has the power to replenish your soul.

Summary – All of the above suggestions work – try them and others that appeal to you when you are feeling creatively impotent – or struggling to solve a problem. These types of activities are perfect antidotes for an empty well. The basis of all of them is separating yourself from the ordinary – getting away from your day-to-day tasks for a little while and letting your mind rest so the creative juices can flow freely once again.

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