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Start Building Your List Today!

Stop Procrastinating, Start Building Your List

building your list
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We have covered the steps for building your list from beginning to end. So, no more procrastinating. You can start building your list today. If you have joined us for the first time, the series starts with: Building Your List – Finding Gold vs. Doing Good. 

Building your list is something that should be done by every internet marketer from Day One. Do not wait until you are a success to start building it. Unfortunately, many people make that mistake. They get caught up in worrying about whether anyone will believe they have something of value to share.

If you haven’t already done so, start building your list right now – no matter where you are in the development of your business. It is one of the first things everyone should do . . .

  • Before you begin marketing on social media.
  • Before you create your first info product.
  • Before you write your first book.

In other words, start building your list before you do anything else. A good list is the foundation for a profitable Online business.

If you are afraid you have nothing to say, at least get the framework together so you are ready to send out messages as soon as you get more comfortable, pull your thoughts together, and start writing.

Do not let money be an obstacle (or excuse). AWeber is affordable for almost anyone – and one of the most reliable companies in existence. However, if bill collectors are at your door with pitchforks, go the free route with a service like Mail Chimp.

Mail Chimp is free to start. There are a number of limitations that come with “free,” including restrictions on topics you can cover in your emails; but, it is better to start the journey with something, than to put it off because of money constraints.

My recommendation is that as soon as you have the $19 or so to cover the cost, import your list into AWeber; and start using them to manage your communications. If you have problems getting started – contact their help desk, they will be happy to assist you.

It’s easy to import a list. All you have to do is open an account, click the “Subscribers” tab and then, “Import.” Copy the subscribers from a tool like Excel and paste it into the import area in this format:

Aweber asks how the people joined your list. For example, did they join with another email system like Mail Chimp, or did they mail in a postcard with their information?

You can always create custom fields if you have collected additional information such as phone numbers. Once your import is complete, and you have made sure each field is set up properly (email, name, phone, etc.), be sure to “Save” your new imported list.

This is the final message in this series of posts. (If you have joined us for the first time, the series starts with: Building Your List – Finding Gold vs. Doing Good.)

I urge you to use the entire series as your instruction book and take action. Start wherever you are comfortable, or need to start – with the technical setup steps, or implementing the strategies for list building and conversion with your next message.

You now have the tools – so, just do it.  

Please, come back to visit often. On Friday, a new series will be introduced. Hope you will join us! 

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