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Build Your List with JVs and Giveaways

There is no reason to be content with a small list. Growing your list can be very exciting. In fact, one of your on-going goals should be to expand your subscriber numbers – that is simply smart marketing. Today we are going to explore how to build your list with JVs and giveaways.

You have probably determined by now that being an ethical Internet marketer is very important to me. That includes growing your subscriber base. Yes, It can be done ethically and wisely by using other marketers’ existing lists; even though in one of my previous posts, I came down pretty hard about selling and “pimping-out” your list.

So, let’s take a look at how to proceed. 


  • Only pursue or accept joint ventures with people you respect and admire. There are undoubtedly some leading marketers in your niche – some, of whom, you follow closely and even believe that they would add value to your subscribers. If you feel that way, there is a very good chance your subscribers will feel the same. So, go for it. Approach them and see what you can set up. (They may even approach you if you make the effort to build a relationship with them.)
  • Rather than depending on your judgment alone, ask your subscribers who else they follow. When a particular marketer’s name keeps popping up – contact him/her. Explain that you have a similar audience and find out if s/he would be interested in doing a list swap or a joint promotion of some kind.


Giveaways are a type of list swap. They are typically hosted by one or two marketers who gather a myriad of offers from a number of marketers. Then, each participating marketer notifies his/her list of the “free marketing event” and sends subscribers to the hosted page for the freebies.

This can be very effective; but, be careful about the participating marketers and be sure they are people that you want to align with. People can scroll down the page to and choose the offers they want to sign-up for; but, this is where the water gets murky.

When your subscribers sign up for other lists, you have no control over how they will be treated. Not everyone will treat their list the same way you do.

Some of the marketers may make it look like a free giveaway; but, it is actually a one-week trial where they charge the subscriber’s credit card one-week later, if the subscriber doesn’t cancel.

There is also the risk that some marketers will deliver “junk freebies” simply for the purpose of expanding their list numbers.

If you make the mistake of sending your list to giveaways where there is nothing but junk and spammers, your subscribers will blame you for the results because you are the person who directed them into the mess.

It is possible to prevent this kind of problem by taking a few giveaway precautions.

Check the list of participating marketers carefully. If none of them are familiar to you, bow out of the opportunity. If the majority are marketers you know, like, and trust; but, there are a few that you question – be honest with your list and identify the ones you recommend – as well as the ones you do NOT recommend.

Say something like, “I am participating in a giveaway event which will allow you to download ____ free from me. In addition to my offer, there are many other offers also on the table. I can tell you that I know and trust ____, ______, and _____; but, I am not familiar with others participating in the giveaway. You will have to make your own decision on whether or not they are reputable and worthy of your trust.

This gives them fair warning and releases you from responsibility for whatever happens.  They have to decide what actions they choose to take. horny college coeds ride.

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