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Build Your Brand with Email Marketing – Branding #6

Build your brand with email marketing –  a permission-based branding platform. In other words, your customers give you permission to communicate with them on a regular basis, which is on of the best branding strategies. You do not have to wait for them to contact you. So nice!

Use this method wisely. Send an email ONLY when you have something worth sharing. It is important to stay in touch often enough so they don’t forget you; but sending emails everyday or several times a day is simply annoying – and you risk losing them.

Establish yourself as a marketer who is on the leading edge of your niche, so they look forward to hearing from you.

Become the Expert

All you have to do is keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your niche.

1.    Sign up for Google Alerts

Enter in your search bar and the following will appear:

Google Alerts

Set up a query for all the important keywords in your niche. Customize your search by selecting each of the drop-down menus and making your selections. Enter you email address, click on the red “Create Alert” box and your first alert is set. You can create as many as you want – just down overwhelm yourself.

It is fairly easy to compose e-mail messages around nuggets of information that you find from your queries.

2.    Check Google (every day – or at least every week)

Type your niche in the search box.  Click on the NEWS category, then on the “Search Tools” Box – click the “Anytime” (drop-down menu) – select “Past 24 hours.”  You will find great pieces of information through this kind of regular search.

Google Search (for research) You will find up-to-date news stories that you can use as curated content for your blog and for value-adding emails. (Curated Content: Select a small snippet of an article, link it back to the original article, and add your own commentary in your post or e-mail message).

Branding Is an On-going Process

Branding is not something that you set up once and never think about again. You have to be on top of it all the time.

The good news is that you can set up your e-mails in advance through an Autoresponder. You can also schedule Tweets and posts for Facebook and Google Plus through HootSuite or Buffer.  Scheduling will give you some relief; but, that also has to be set-up on a regular basis.

Your branding campaign must be one of your priorities. You should always be on the alert for ways to communicate and continue to brand your business with your target audience.  Do your research and find out which social media sites are the “stomping grounds” of your target audience – and then, be right there with them.

Happy Branding!

Want to read the entire series on branding? Start with the first post:  Building a Brand. 

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