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Build an E-mail List from Scratch

Start Building Your Email List Today

Build an email list
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Whenever a newbie hears someone say, “The money is in the list,” it feels intimidating and exhilarating all at once. They want so badly to experience the joy of sending out an email and watching the sales pour in. Unfortunately, they haven’t a clue how to build an e-mail list, or even an idea of where to start.

You can smile now because I have good news for you . . . You have come to the right place. This series of posts will help you build your list from scratch.

We do not want you to fall into the category of “most marketers” who have a sincere intention of building a list, but somehow let time slip away – and it never happens.  If you allow that to happen, you will be doomed to struggle every time you develop a product and want to promote it because you will not have an easy way to find buyers.

The biggest advantage of an email subscriber list is that you have a cadre of interested customers and prospects that have already shown interest in what you have to say (and sell). If you have established a solid relationship with your list, they convert for you, promote for you, and give you tips on what needs to be improved. The list can be a goldmine.

Give Something Away

Freebies are always popular. However, it absolutely must be something your audience is searching for.  Once you have found it or created it, there are two ways to present the offer.

You can do an e-mail series of articles – OR – offer immediate access to the product through an “opt-in” box.

With an email series, set up the schedule and then follow it religiously. The recipients will expect to hear from you once a day or once a week – or, however you choose promote it. For example: “Subscribe and Get a FREE Weekly Cooking Lesson Delivered to Your Inbox!”

A series can go on as long as you want it to – from indefinitely to a clearly-defined timespan such as a one-week series with daily deliveries; or a 6-week series, which would deliver once each week for six weeks.

Another tack would be to promote your freebie as a free course. You can compile a PDF file, give them access to a podcast download, or send them a series of videos.

You can also allow them to sign up for a free membership. Even limited membership access could be a perk because if you have a paid area, you may find that giving them a sneak peek helps convert them into long-term members and customers.

Before you create anything, look for topics that your niche needs and wants. Use the following strategies to search for ideas:

Don’t forget – when you want to build an e-mail list, you can always simply ask people what they need.

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