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How to Build a List of Prospects

Point #8 – How to Build a List of Prospects

The first step to building a following is to build a list of prospects.  I can hear you thinking clear over here, “What other kind of list is there?”

You are right – there are prospects and there are lists of ______________.  You fill in the blank. Don’t know the answer?  Stay tuned for an upcoming important point!

Building a List of Prospects

Let’s use an example to make the point absolutely clear. If you are a personal trainer and want to build a list of potential clients (prospects), what would you do? First, you set up a list in your autoresponder with a name relevant to your offer.  For example, you may call your list “PWkOts” (Power Workouts).

Action Steps:

  1. Set up a prospect list in your autoresponder.
  2. Create a great opt-in offer.
  3. Create attention-grabbing opt-in forms that you place on your posts and home page.
  4. Upload your freebie bait.
  5. Set-up a dedicated squeeze page where people can exchange contact information for your offer.
  6. Refer to your squeeze page in all your forum links, guest blog posts, article resource boxes, and even on your business card!
  7. Refer to this URL link in all your business communications.
  8. Share the page in social media such as Twitter broadcasts, Facebook messages, and other social portals.
  9. Leave a trail pointing back to your squeeze page in absolutely every place you sign our name.
  10. Participate in communities where your service/products are of interest.
  11. Provide meaningful responses at these venues.

People will follow your clearly-marked trail to check out your cool offer on your dedicated squeeze page.  Once there, they can choose to exchange their contact information for your offer.  You send them the free gift and begin building a relationship of trust and brand loyalty.

Watch for Point #9 – How to Build a List of Buyers. horny college coeds ride.

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