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How to Build a List of Buyers

 How to Build a List of Buyers

Point #9 

Let’s take a quick look (again) at why you must build a list of buyers.

Build a list of buyers
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List building is a best marketing practice for growing a business. Just in case you don’t remember – the reason is that everyone who visits your website is not “ready to buy,” but, you don’t want to lose them. It is important to collect their names and e-mail addresses, which can open the door for building a relationship with them.  (People buy from people they know and trust)

In Point #8, I asked you to fill in the blanks to this question

What other kind of list is there – other than a prospect list?
Well, there are prospects and there are ______________.
The response I was fishing for is: B U Y E R S or customers.

Once you have people on your prospect list, you have a chance to turn them into buyers (or customers) and open the door for future sales.  As your subscriber list grows and you begin to send out irresistible offers, some of those subscribers will have money burning holes in their pockets and they will click the “BUY” button. Viola! Those subscribers (prospects) have just become “buyers.” I hope you are beginning to see how the process works.

Now – you need to create a new list in your autoresponder –a list of buyers (for each specific offer). You may want to be discrete about the titles and avoid using the word “buyer.” The personal trainer’s prospect list was “PWkOt”.  The new buyers list could be called “PWkOtB” (‘B’ for buy).

Collect Email Addresses from Buyers

1.    Collect emails during the payment process
Most shopping cart programs have a way to capture the buyer’s email address into an autoresponder list.

This is completed as part of the payment process.  In Aweber, look for instructions on integrating with their email parser function.  You can find this on the main menu under “List Options.”  There are two other options for adding people to a Buyers List discussed below.

2.    Collect email before a payment
You can put the opt-in form ON your sales page, or if you are sending an affiliate offer, create an intermediary opt-in page before the customer reaches the 3rd-party payment page.

3.    Collect email after a payment
This tip comes directly from a marketing success coach.  Collecting an email address during a payment is a solid way to build a list of buyers, but it has a flaw. Have you ever thought about the fact that people often don’t pay for something using the same email address they use for regular communications?

Here’s a slick alternative. You can put the opt-in form on the download page, or use an intermediary opt-in page after payment is made, before the customer reaches the download page.

Another option is to force all customers to complete a double opt-in by delivering the download link via email which then takes them to the download page.

Once a person commits a dollar to your brand, they have cast their first vote in your favor.  This person became a revenue source for your business. You want to move them off of your “prospect list” and onto a “buyers’ list.”  The buyers should receive preferential deals which are different from the main prospect offers. The actual product may be the same, but perhaps they get a better rate.

More to come . . . horny college coeds ride.

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