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Broadcast Emails

If you are not in regular contact with your list through a follow-up series, you will have to rely heavily on broadcast emails, which require more work.

If you have an evergreen idea, my recommendation is to build it out as a follow-up series, but if you have something new, exciting, and timely, like an innovative strategy or product announcement, broadcast it out to your audience.

Sales can also be perfect for broadcast emails. You may even want to provide your subscribers with a coupon.

Broadcasts are also excellent for inviting them to join a free Webinar.

Since broadcasts are more in the moment, it is possible that your subscribers may get two emails in one day – a follow-up and a broadcast. It should not be a problem and will not cost you many subscribers, as long as all of your emails continue to provide value.

Depending on your niche, you can find effective ways to use broadcasts – to announce new products, to share new innovative ideas, warnings about a product or service that was problematic, an amazing article that you want to share with your followers, etc.

In the “Broadcast Option” with AWeber, subscribers can check out previous online broadcast messages and catch up – so, they so not have to miss out on anything that was posted before they opted-in.

Blog Broadcasts

You can now broadcast your blog entries through Aweber. It is a good way to consistently provide information to your list. Each time you create a new blog post, your list will be notified.

It is quite simple:

Choose the “Messages” tab and then “Blog Broadcast.”

Setting up Blog Broadcasts in AWeber

Next, you will have to provide your RSS Feed URL for your blog.

RSS Feed for Blog Broadcasts AWeber

The autoresponder will take the content from your blog posts and reformat it using one of their templates. Be sure to choose a template style that you like.

Click the “Load Template” button.

Aweber Blogpost Templates

You can choose whether the blog broadcast will go out instantly or you can set it to be emailed to your list at a certain time.

How often to send blog posts

You can schedule single blog posts or set a number, such as once you have four new blog posts, it should email them.

You can also set it up to go out automatically on certain days – for example every Monday and every Thursday at a specific time of the day. Or, if you prefer a hands-on approach, you can set it for manual review and only send out specific posts.

Always test the blog broadcast set-up before you actually schedule. Check for errors and make sure you are satisfied with how it looks. Does the chosen template present the image you want for your brand?

Try it out – this is one of the easier ways to keep in regular contact with your subscribers. horny college coeds ride.

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