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Branding Design Is Critical – Branding #2

#2 – A Smart Branding Design Is Critical

You must be smart about all aspects of your branding but, your branding design is critical. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” fits very well here. The design you choose will speak volumes to your visitors. Whether you (or they) realize it, or not, design is the first thing visitors notice. It is your statement to the world about who you are as a company and a brand.

Simplicity and easy navigation are key elements.

For example . . . let’s say you are doing research on a particular subject and land on two different blogs.

The first is crammed with ads in every space – in the sidebar, under the header, pop-up and exit ads, text hyperlink ads, and more. You spend your entire time dodging pop-ups and being blinded by flashing banners.

The second is clean and visually appealing. You see the content immediately and want to read it because that is the focal point of the site. There may be some ads; but, they do not distract you from the content, they supplement it.

Where would you want to spend your time? The answer is a “no-brainer.”

The design of a website sends a clear message regarding the owners’ intentions.  The first is clearly pushing whatever they can – their primary goal is to make money any way they can. The second is to add value and serve the readers.

An obvious point, but I will make it anyway is that your design should be related to your niche. If you are venturing into a health and fitness niche, your design should reflect that.  Some ideas that you could incorporate would be:

  • Fresh, clean motivational colors (stay away from dark, heavy colors)
  • Healthy foods
  • Running on the beach
  • A tape measure or scales
  • Images of happy, healthy-looking, fit individuals

You can create your own design, but if you are simply not up to it, there are many good graphic designers available who can create something unique to you and your niche (if you have the budget for it.) Hiring a designer will also ensure that all of your materials are in sync – which promotes your brand on all levels and in all markets

That includes:

  • Your blog/website theme and design
  • Your squeeze page
  • Your Facebook cover
  • Your Twitter background and profile header
  • Your Google Plus profile
  • . . . and everything else

Take the time to decide how you want your brand to be recognized and remembered. It should fit your personality and your approach to business.

Do you want your brand to be serious, sophisticated, silly, or fun. Do you want it to look homespun or professional – traditional or more stark and contemporary? Anything is acceptable if it reflects you and your business – your graphics, colors and design should reflect your choices.

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