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Tips for Being the Best You Possible

Stay True to Yourself

Best You Possible

Below are 10 tips for being the best YOU possible. They will help you stay true to yourself and allow you to follow your heart’s desires.

#1Give yourself permission to have dreams and goals in your life, regardless of what your family and friends may say or think. If you want to be a rock climber, a dancer, a writer, go skydiving or bungie jumping, or spend hours painting or writing – just do it!

#2 – Remember – you have only one life to live. Life passes far too quickly to keep putting things off until next week or next year. Make plans and carry them out – plans that will fulfill your dreams.

#3 – Write down your deepest desires and biggest dream. Put the words down on paper. It makes them real. When the list is complete, prioritize them with the most important one at the top of the list.

#4 – Make a plan on how you are going to achieve your dream. What are the steps you must take? Do you need to learn a new skill? Take lessons? Develop a talent? Or, do you need to save money?

#5 – Create a plan of action.  What do you need to do first? What can you start doing right now, today, that will move you toward your dream? It is helpful to break down large goals into small pieces so they are manageable and easier to attain.

#6 – Stay motivated and on track. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do it. Don’t let their personal fears prevent you from doing what you want to do and can do. It is your dream – not theirs; so, stay the course.

#7 – Be sure your dream is realistic. Make sure that your ultimate goal is something that you can actually achieve. There is no point in dreaming of being a pop diva if you cannot carry a tune – or of climbing a mountain if you are terrified of heights!

#8 – Be honest, authentic, and firm with those who try to discourage you. You can listen politely, but stop them when you’ve heard enough. Explain your plan (if you choose) to help them understand that you have a goal with steps laid out that will take you there. If you are clear and explain it calmly to others, objections will become fewer as time goes on.

#9 – Don’t cut yourself off from family and friends. You do not want to lose the people you love because of your dream. Take the time to discuss your plans with anyone who is concerned so they will know you are serious. They do have your best interests at heart, but, they often do not know how to show it.

#10 – Be sure your goal is something you really want. There is an old and true saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it.”  Follow a dream that really means something to you. Do not do anything to prove something to someone else, or out of spite. Open up your heart, your mind, your spirit, and your intuition. Let all of that pull you in the right direction.

Enjoy being the best you possible as you make your dream a reality!

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