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Paid Traffic Strategies #3: Article Syndication & Power Curating

Paid Article Syndication & Power Curating

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Paid article syndication and power curating are two strategies you definitely want to explore and incorporate into your business plan.

Article Sydication & Power Curating
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The paid article syndication method places a great piece of writing on a popular online magazine or blog.  The paid piece is one you are paid to write or you pay the publisher to publish.  You probably already know some of these sites for your niche.

If you don’t, why not? These are considered authority sites for your topic.

Did you know that some of the biggest sites online don’t even create their own content?  What?  It’s true.

Take Huffington Post for example. This site sold for $315 MILLION yet uses curated content that it gets for free from various sources.

You don’t have to pay to publish to the Huff, but there are other sites where you have to pay a monthly subscription to be published and syndicated.

Power curation combines snippets of content from online sources to create a new article.  No, it’s not plagiarism because the source is credited in the article.

Article Sydication & Power Curating
Image by Raphaëlle RIDARCH

Curated content is a great way to capture and share up-to-date content relevant to your niche. You can create curated articles to submit to high-profile sites or un-curated content.

Publishers often look for curated articles because the links pointing to other sites are a great way to boost their own brand visibility. The “other” website owner will notice the trackback and may do something in kind for the originating website.  Or they may simply send the publisher a thank you.

There are tools and plug-ins available which make it easier to find the content to curate.  A good place to start is: Content Curation Tools: The Ultimate List

Action Steps

  1. Search and document 5-10 websites where you could post as a guest publisher.  Some of these may be free to publish, others may require compensation. Start looking today and get your name “out there.”
  2. Find a curation tool that you like and start learning how to be a power curator. horny college coeds ride.

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