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Looking for content ideas for your blog or for your email auto-responder? It can be challenging – I have been there more than once. I know what it feels like when a deadline is rapidly approaching and  writer’s block is threatening to get the best of you.

If your brain is not popping with a million things to share, here is another source for ideas that I wanted to share – a short (45-page) report titled, “Gathering and Structuring Ideas.It covers articles, eBooks and reports, blog posts and email auto-responder messages that can be very useful. It is well worth the investment of under $20.00.

It offers methods to stimulate ideas for specific types of writing; but, they can also be used interchangeably. For example: You study and use the tip for blog posts and then, adapt it for your email auto-responder, as well.

Just to get you started, I’ll share one part of an idea about writing a follow-up email right now. Here we go . . .

After showing a specific example of a favorite auto-responder message, the author breaks it down into a formula:

  • Start off with a question that makes the reader think about him/herself.
  • Give some personal experiences that are related.
  • Bring it back to the reader again by asking another question.
  • Teach something or open their eyes to something.
  • Bring it to a conclusion.

There are other tactics in this course that will help you create a follow-up email series that include: using keyword tools, spying on forum threads, using news media, searching the “Table of Contents” of books, etc.

Study and consider each strategy, and pick a couple that appeal to you. Get ready! Get Set! GO . . . create some great content. Once that is done, we will move on to the installation of the opt-in box on your blog. Then, we will cover squeeze pages.

I like to start with your blog because that is where (hopefully) you will be actively engaged in your niche on a regular basis. Search bots love this and it will help you begin to develop a steady stream of traffic.


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