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Choose a Well-Crafted Tagline – Branding #3

A Well-Crafted Tagline – Critical for Branding

Choose a well-crafted tag line. It is a critical part of your branding. It is often integrated into the graphic design that will be used for multiple purposes. For example, your header image on your blog, your Twitter profile background, and your Facebook cover image. It is also important to include it in your WordPress blog profile to make it easier for the search engines to pick it up.

What should your tagline say?

Your tagline is your motto or creed. It should be a reflection of you – your values – how you want to be known – your business or products that you provide to the customer – how you act and how they should perceive you.

Tagline Examples:

•    Social Media Leader | Facebook Marketing Expert, Mari Smith – Clearly defines her as the EXPERT in her field.

•    Live Your Message!  Marisa Murgatroyd  –  Secondary tagline: Become the #1 Authority in Your Field – Encourages you to be yourself, self yourself and be recognized as an expert.

•    Work Smarter – Live Larger . . . one of the best from Melanie DuncanEncourages you to be smart and live life to the fullest (everybody’s dream).  

a well-crafted Tag Line - Melanie Duncan

And . . . then, of course, there are the BIG companies

  • Think Outside the Bun – Taco Bell – This tagline urges people try something different. They’re saying they’re unique. Better. More qualified.
  • Just Do It – Nike – No excuses. This company is all about serious athletes, not part-time procrastinators.
  • Because I’m Worth It – L’Oreal – Projects an air of confidence and upscale indulgence, even though it’s not from a spa – it’s an over-the-counter product.

General rule of thumb for taglines: the shorter the better. You want to use it in as many places as possible to advertise and build your brand. Keep in mind that the goal is not to appeal to everyone. You want to focus on and attract your target audience and weed out your non-audience. Marketing is about attracting the right people.

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