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Cause and Effect of Pressure

March 7, 2017

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sCause and effect are always interrelated, which means that when dealing with pressure, you have to understand the cause and effect of pressure. As we discussed in the last post, pressure is often caused by the fear the erupts when an individual must perform at his/her highest level or face the consequences of failing. We also talked […]

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What Is Pressure?

February 21, 2017

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Overworked, stress worker

In the physical world, pressure is defined as an expression of force exerted on the surface of an object. Let’s dig a little deeper and look at a slightly different definition taken from the Merriam–Webster Dictionary: The burden of physical or mental distress The constraint of circumstance: the weight of social or economic imposition The […]

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Respond to Criticism – Don’t React

December 27, 2016

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You will be criticized in life – no matter what you do. That is a fact! As a writer, an artist, a designer, a chef, an executive, child or parent, it doesn’t matter.  Regardless of your career path or other roles in life, there will always be critics. Because of that, it is important to […]

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5 Reasons to Keep a Gratitude Journal

November 22, 2016

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Practice Gratitude

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it is a good time to talk about gratitude. Most of us have heard all our lives to be thankful for what you have – especially when faced with a crisis. I say – be thankful for what you have every day. In fact, keep a gratitude journal […]

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5 Apps to Improve Focus

October 18, 2016

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5 apps to Stay Focused

Our lives are so full and demanding, plus we deal with continual information overload and unrelenting responsibilities that it is not uncommon to struggle with staying focused – and completing a task before jumping to the next one. As a result, you may be frustrated by the continual effort to multi-task and at the same […]

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Tips for a Distraction-Free Work Place

September 30, 2016

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Every time you sit down to work there are many possible distractions that can keep you from focusing. You have to deal with incoming phone calls and emails; plus, there is always the temptation to spend too much time on social media or entertainment sites. Coworkers can also be distracting with social conversations with you […]

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Lack of Focus Can Sabotage Your Life

September 23, 2016

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Lack of Focus

Lack of focus can sabotage your life in ways you may not suspect. It can affect your mental and physical health, your ability to do your job well, plus put severe strain on relationships (personal and professional). Severe and continued lack of focus can indicate serious problems such as depression or ADD/ADHD which can affect […]

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Exercise and Focus

September 20, 2016

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There is no longer any doubt about the mind/body connection.  It has been proven time and time again. If you understand that principle, you should have no trouble accepting the fact that exercise and focus are closely connected. In fact, a regular exercise routine will improve your ability to focus. In a 2007 Newsweek article Mary […]

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Stop Multi-Tasking and Start Focusing

September 16, 2016

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Stop Multi-tasking

It is not uncommon to hear people bragging about how good they are at multi-tasking. I always chuckle inwardly when I hear this because what they are really admitting is that they are not able to focus on one thing at a time. Their attention flits from one thing to another without stopping long enough […]

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Focus Is Critical to Success

September 9, 2016

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Unless you are completely focused on your goals and the work you are doing to move to toward them, you can become impatient with yourself, anxious about things that are not getting done, and unable to complete projects that can take you to the next level of  success. Focus is critical to success. Everyone struggles […]

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