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Act as if It Were Impossible to Fail and the World Is Yours

April 15, 2019


Impossible to fail

Recognize the Will to Fail “Act as if it were impossible to fail.” That is the core teaching of the book, Wake Up and Live! by Dorothea Brande, which I happily discovered a few weeks ago. Her words keep echoing in my mind and I thought I should share them with you. It is man’s nature to […]

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One Small Daily Practice that Can Change the World

April 7, 2019


Change the World

Are You Ready to Make a Difference We are almost mid-way through 2019 – two decades into the 21st Century. Much has changed since New Year’s Eve 1999. I spent that evening with a friend wondering what the future would bring. The Doomsday Predictors had suggested catastrophic events as the result of the Y2K Computer […]

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An Attitude Adjustment Can Change Your Life!

April 1, 2019

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Have You Check Your Attitude

Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment? Is your attitude painting your world in colorful hues and shades of happiness and contentment? Or, is it creating a dark mist through which everything appears dark, dismal, and hopeless? Or, maybe it’s somewhere in the middle. Have you checked lately? Maybe it’s time for an attitude adjustment. Characteristics […]

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Follow the Path to Healthy Weight Loss and Live a Happier Life

March 26, 2019

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Older Woman on the Beach

A True Story During high school, extra weight was not my problem, my misery came from another source. At 13, I had reached 5 ft. 9 in., which made me taller than my friends and all the boys. In my mind, all I could see was a tall, plain, and unattractive Amazon who towered above […]

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Efficiency Can Lower Stress

February 25, 2019

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Overwhelmed by Workload

Doing More in Less Time Efficiency can lower stress. When you are organized and efficient in your work habits, you get more done and your output is higher quality, which keeps your boss happy and your job secure. Working efficiently means that you use time well and accomplish a great deal in minimal time. You […]

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Balancing Work and Personal Life

February 18, 2019

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Overworked, stress worker

Life Is Short Balancing work and personal life is one of the biggest challenges most Americans face. We all know that Americans work too much. The old adage, “All work and no play make Jack a dull (and unhealthy) boy,” is correct! It hurts you physically and mentally. When you work excessive hours and rarely take […]

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Stop Caring What Others Think

February 11, 2019

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Overworked, stress worker

Other’s Opinions Do Not Matter There is at least one big plus that comes with age. You stop caring what other people think. Other people’s negative opinions no longer devastate you – at least, most of the time. It is such a relief! Caring about other people’s opinions of me was the curse of my […]

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Amazing You – Manage Your Time

January 16, 2019

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Time Management Clock

Life is so busy that for the majority of people there simply isn’t enough time to do everything that must be done. The answer to this dilemma is to learn to manage your time! We must live with the fact that everyone has exactly the same amount of time. There are 24 hours in a […]

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Amazing You – Manage Your Money

January 15, 2019

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Manage Your Money

Money, or the lack of it, is often a major cause of stress in people’s lives. This can be the result job loss, not being able to find a job, not making enough, or through careless spending habits. The question is – how do you manage your money? Not having enough money to meet your […]

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The Neuroscience of Happiness

May 16, 2017

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The Miraculous Human Brain The wiring and chemistry of our brains defines every experience and every behavior, which makes using neuroscience the best way to unravel and understand any aspect of the human experience. Whether you are happy, sad, angry, inspired, stressed, or something else entirely, looking at how your brain functions can be a big […]

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